“Dried Chilis” 55x65cm
“Varieties of Daffodil” 30cm
“Lily of the Valley” 24x36cm
“Wild Apple Blossom in Flower” 25x30cm
“Spray Roses” 40x50cm
“Wild Apple Blossom in Bud” 24x29cm
“Blossom” 40x50cm
“Sweet Peas in Three Silver Vases” 45x35cm
“Hanging Mackerel” 20x50cm
“Oranges in Grey and White” 90x90cm
“Dancing is like a Sculpture” 38x66cm
“Discarded” 55x75cm
“Sunflowers in Black” 80x90cm
“Sunflowers in Yellow” 70x80cm


“Snowdrops in Silver Vase” 17x25cm
“Sweetpeas in Glass Vase” 30x40cm
“Sweet Juliet Roses on Copper” 20x25cm
“Dried Roses in White Vase” 25x35cm
“Hambledon Bouquet” 45x55cm
“Peonies and Foxgloves” 45x55cm
“Three Vases” 30x40cm
“Hanging Lemon” 10x15cm
“Three Camellias” 30x30cm
“Tied” 53.5x81cm


“Cherries” 20x25cm
“Camellia Triptych” (10x15cm) x3


“Magnolia” 45x96cm
“Snowdrops in Glass Vase” 30x35cm
“Pomegranate” 20x20cm
“Peonies and Snapdragons” 50x60cm
“Penelope Roses” 35x35cm