Selected Portraits

Oil on canvas, 190x170cm. This portrait is a contemporary take on the John Singer Sargent’s painting of “The Wyndham Sisters”. It is the unusual strong diagonal composition and the amount of space in the painting that firmly places it in the 21st Century.
“Clementine” painted holding her namesake but also it symbolises her love of art by nod to the Dutch masers and their peeling citrus fruit paintings
“Josie” her love of music is symbolised by music notes and treble clefs painted into the detailing on the sofa. Her feet are bare to show her mischievous character.
“Maddie” is a little ballerina so she has been painted in her ballet shoes.

“Marie-Laure” 50x40cm

“Eugenie” 102x85cm. Every element of this painting was carefully chosen and planned together with the clients – from her dress to the little red jacket on her bunny, specially made for the painting.
I felt it was very important to capture her beautiful, untamed golden hair
The wrinkled tights were the perfect imperfection to capture.
The Yellow Wallpaper